We are living in a world full of noise, movement and things created by us where we often forget our origin, the nature surrounding us and the beginnings of our world.
We are afraid of feeling magic inside and around us.
„Ziday“, which was the sea-goddess of the „Guanches“, the first natives of the Canary Islands, is a fictitious character. A mix of a mermaid, artist, goddess and „Guanche“, who comes to the Canary islands to leave us an important message in current times.
Surfing was always a lifestyle in a strong relation to nature, art and magic, For this reason, the movie is the union of past and current times, and the way of Ziday to communicate her message to us.
The Movie is connecting classic and modern surfing, history, art and canary nature, with a strong message that should us make think about our current world.

by Jil Laura Kloberg

Tickets & Date:
“ZIDAY” will be shown on Saturday, December 10th at 6pm. (Tickets)