What you are about to see will make you feel like showing your teeth to your friends.
Sorria, which means “smile” in Portuguese, will make you do just that. The filmmaker Novis chose that title for a reason: to communicate the personality of a new generation of Brazilian surfers and to remember himself to smile. Brazil’s hottest talents show their skills outside of contests. The Surfing magazines stated this movie to be, “the first surf film to rival the likes of Steele’s, Neville’s or Joe G.’s in terms of high performance surfing with, well…a point.” Combining incredible cinematography, sick sound track and dream like waves, this is not to be missed.

by Gabriel Novis.
starring: Yago Dora, Filipe Toledo, Matheus Toledo and many more

Tickets & Date:
“Sorria” will be shown on Friday, December 9th at 9pm. (Tickets)