One year after his successful first surf film “Alombre” tombottom has released his newest jewel. “Second Souffle” takes you to Marocco, a country where images have to be discrete and the contrasts are strong. It’s a movie that impresses with its beautiful surf sequences as well as the story of six different surfers and their attempt to build their lives around their common passion, surfing.
Not only showing French pro surfers, who are looking for some renewal in their career, but also following locals to provide an insight view about the difficulties of building a life around surfing in Marocco. Get lost in a country that has world-class spots to offer, but is still dominated by a rural model.

by Tom Bottom
starring Edouard Delpero, Vincent Duvignac and more

Tickets & Date:
“Second Souffle” will be shown on Sunday, December 11th at 7:30pm. (Tickets)