“Every surf trip is about hope. Hoping to score and hoping to have some good times. Some trips make you hope for better days more than others…”

– Team O’Neill surfer Micah Lester

Three worldclass surfer from team O’Neill traveled to the North of Europe for ten days, hunting for perfection every single. This movie is their story. If there was a surfable wave, even in the middle of a fierce gale with showers of snow and/or hail they were out there. When all hope to find perfection had gone after nine days of nothing but frustrating conditions, there was a glimmer for the last day. Sketchy for sure, but the guys paddled out to hunt some barrels and finally have some fun.

by Roger Sharp
starring: Micah Lester, Nelson Cloarec and Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama

Tickets & Date:
“Persistence of Hope” will be shown on Friday, December 9th at 9pm. (Tickets)