Surffilmfestival Munich

We can start counting days! First to New Year´s, but more importantly to the start of the Surffilmfestivals Germany´s last tour stop.

From 22nd to 25th of January, right before the board sport fair ISPO starts, we will take you with us for an on-screen surfing adventure in the middle of the winter.

Wednesday, 22nd of January at noon the event starts with a pop-up store including various brands at the stylish event location Maienzeit. Surrounded by a nice atmosphere our guests can relax in the coffee lounge and watch the arty flicker of Jack Coleman “Secret Sound Underground”. Later during the day, a surf photography and art vernissage will delight the audience and warm them up for the subsequent movie premiers.

At 8 p.m. “Best movie” and “Viewers Choice” Award winners Andreas Jaritz and Mario Hainzl will personally present their European surf documentary “The Old, The Young and The Sea”. After the movie the filmmakers will be available to answer the audience´s questions. At 10 p.m. the German premier “Hangs upon Nothing” will enchant the audience with its 16mm film with beautiful surfing shots of Hawaii and Indonesia.

Thursday´s program is similar to the day before with a pop-up store and a coffee lounge. The surf art exhibition will be framed by one of the most artistic surf movie of modern times: “Remind me to forget”.

At 8 p.m. we have another highlight for our guests: The screening of the famous Italian movie “Bella Vita” which was honored at the Surffilmfestival Cologne with the “Best Surf” award and at the London Surffilmfestival with the “Viewers choice” award. Another award winning surf movie will follow at 10 p.m.: „Learning to Breathe”- the story of drug dealer and pro surfer Anthony Ruffo is hotly tipped as the most important surf movie in 2013 and absolutely worth seeing.

On the third day of Surffilmfestival Munich the guests can shop at the pop-up store, chill in the coffee lounge, and visit the art exhibition, this time to the shape movie “Sacrebleu”. The adequate shape workshop presented by “Backwood Surfboards” will start at 5 p.m. All enthusiasts can shape their very own longboard decks, handplanes or fins, everyone else has the chance to watch and learn.

At 9 p.m. it is gonna be big; The “Blue Tomato Best Shortie” contest starts with home grown short movies. Since we have a great number of competitors, the battle for the “Best Shortie” trophy is going to be hard and the winner honored with cash and camera equipment form Rollei.

Anyways, you still have the chance until January 19th to submit your digitalized surf adventures to contact@hhonolulu- and prove that your surf shortie is the best one! But this night we won´t let you sleep in the cinema seats: From 10 p.m. the Gewölbe at Maienzeit is the place where we open the doors for the legendary O`Neill party and enjoy the rest of the night!

The big finish of the Surffilmfestival tour Germany Saturday 25th at 10 p.m. is the most thrilling surf movie of 2013: „Storm Surfers 3D“. It is a film conceived to stand amongst the great surf films, but also be accessible to an audience outside of surfing, creating an overall inspiring cinematic experience. At the same time, the screening at Royal Kino is the perfect warm-up for the ISPO that is happening in Munich from Sunday on.

Next to all these activities there is enough room for spontaneous surprises which distinguish the events by HHonolulu from all the others. We are looking forward to some sunny days in the middle of the German winter! Let´s go surfing!