Surfmovies for a German audience? This is a questions which comes up when we tell people from abroad about Surffilmfestivals in Germany.

But yes there is a big audience and a big surf culture starting to grow in Germany. Especially in a city like Cologne, where a lot of people are really keen about surfing and seeing it on a bigger screen.

German surfers are traveling surfers. They are searching for the world’s best breaks all around the globe and that’s why they are so passionate and why they can relate to many places in the world. Additionally there is a bunch of guys surfing the famous wave in the Eisbach in Munich and the little coastlines of the Baltic and the North Sea.
It was about time to introduce the Surffilmfestival Cologne to the German surf culture. We screen movies from all over the world, starting with big names known in the surf business, some newcomers right up to passionate amateurs, which we support by giving them the chance to show their short movie to the audience.

Besides international surf movies and short flicks, HHonolulu Events presents a lot of other activities. Art exhibitions, live music, workshops and parties are completing the idea of the Surffilmfestival Tour. We like to spread the word of an alive and intellectual, interesting surf culture from all over the world to the passionate surfing scene in Germany.